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Quartet Roulette is a project by some of The Haydn Enthusiasts to help break the "what should we play" indecision by codifying a purposely small list of "standard" rep and helping people by adding a "random" button to figure out what to play next.

If you're interested in keeping a log of what you play, this site doesn't (yet?) support that functionality. You can follow the instructions I posted here to create a chamber music log of your own, the same way I do.

Deciding on the 256 quartets presented here as "standard" rep is certainly a matter of opinion; I've biased towards music that lots of people I know tend to have. You can check out this (old) visualization I made of String Quartet Composers, showing how prolific and familiar different composers are to get a sense of who is getting left out.

The composer portraits were created by Marusya Chaika. The list of 18 composers is limited by portrait availability…so if you want to suggest a composer, see if Marusya has already created an image for them here.

Thanks to flaticon creators: smalllikeart (roulette icon) and Maxim Basinski Premium (play button).

The code is available on Github.


Bug reports, feature requests, nickname suggestions, feedback, and other ideas are welcome here!

If you'd like to nominate a quartet to be added to the site, please fill out this form.